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I want to thank Anne-Marie with his diposotive of his specimen. To see the dipositive you need the program Adobe reader that you can find here:

diaporama.pdf (2.5 Mo)


Hylocereus Undatus (liens webcam Aiaps)

Originating in Latin America, this cactus has crawling or climbing green stems, sticking itself then to its support (tree or rock) thanks to air roots. It can thus reach a length from 10 to 12 m length. The triangular stems are provided with spines. The impressive flowers make more than 20 cm length and open the night, pollination being ensured in its area of origin by bat. The pitahaya is a cactus adapted to the dry tropical zones, temperatures of 38-40°C being supported without damage, on the other hand annual precipitations should not exceed 1300 mm, good measurement lying between 600 and 1300 mm, a wet alternation of season and dry season being necessary, the first flowerings occur besides little after the first rains.



  Ci-dessus à gauche on a un Echinocereus Grusonii         Ci-dessus à droite on a un Lithops aucampiae          Remarquons la forme sphérique parfaite.                  More commonly called Plant-stones

Echinocereus Grusonii is the cactus which presents the spherical forms most regular which is. They finish at the end of ten year to develop the apical flora.

The flattened apex of the sheets of Lithops, which emerges on the surface of the ground, presents various ornamentations, which confuse the plant with its environment, it is for that that it holds its plant-stone name.

And here above the flowering of Echinocereus. Notice the size of the flower compared to that of the plant.

Ferocactus Histrix(Cactus Park)

Photograph: David Scott

Above the flowering of Ferocactus Hamatacanthus


Here below some photographs which I took at Kuentz



And here the flowering of Echinopsis, note the size of the plant compared to the flower click on the executives to increase.