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Why this passion? The opinion of the author



This passion appeared to me when I went for the first time to visit the exotic garden of Monaco, I liked the beauty of these plants and their odd forms. I am thus semi to buy small cacti and books, then I subscribed with the aiaps (the international association of the amateurs of succulent plants) - that made now for 8 years I have ordered several catalogue on the cacti and the fatty plants and in this moment I launch out in the large subjects.


I have practised this passion for 8 years at home when I have time. I have friends and members of my family which often gives me councils of maintenance and which make me cuttings. It is at least necessary to have a minimum of material of gardening and treatments to deal with the cacti.


This passion brings satisfactions, knowledge to me, teaches me how to maintain the cacti and how that functions. Nevertheless great attention should be paid because certain species can be dangerous because of their needles which can wound people or animals; If not they are plants pleasant to cultivate.

feuilles opuntia.jpg (4349 octets)yucca2.jpg (6377 octets)rebutia.jpg (5382 octets)

(Opuntia "cactus raquette")

(Yucca)                                                                                    (Echinocereus triglochidiatus)