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  Here below some Internet sites interesting to discover.

Addresses of the sites


Cacti passion 's forum : come to participate with others succulenthophiles people and share your photos...


The AIAPS (the international association of the amateurs of succulents plants: you will be able to subscribe with the review " SUCCULENTES"et to receive bulletins on the meetings or the dates of the next meetings. You will be able to even profit from the seed list to buy.


Whith the French-Speaking cactus : this Web site gathers infos useful for the French-speaking people succulenthophiles: association, producers, garden botaniques/exotic, photographs, articles, books, etc

Le Piqué: publish the quarterly newspaper " Piqué " and cards of botany, meetings...

Company succulentophile Francilienne: quarterly review " Obregonia ", seed list...


Jurassic Cactus: site creates in January 2000 devoted to the succulent plants, photographs, infos, methods...


The urbain : a site with prickly humour

Cactus Adventures International: you will be able to receive reviews color, to take part in voyages, to put your advertisements,


Flore et botanique succulente: I recently discovered this site rich in images, very interesting. You in an enthralling voyage direct throughout the world to discover all the kinds of cactus...


The Alpine Cactus: The site of the Rhone-Alps Delegation of the AIAPS
By Gerard Denis

A.R.I.D.E.S : Association with in the chair Genevieve Louet very interessant for all accros of " cushions of mothers-in-law " site on Ferocactus de David Scott whose specimens are very varied Fatty Plants with the Marseille accent by Fred Chandon


Lucie Cactus: here a site very cool of an impassioned young person of cactus like me. Visit it, it is super!!! !

Cactus world: here a site very fun you can visit.


Cactus Collection: site of Jessica Miller very enriching

Le cactophile: Very beautiful site of Isabelle for the insane furious ones of cactus.

Le cactopathe Lyonnais: The really splendid site of Christophe Grelard

The Cactus Patch: I propose to you here a site really very interessant and enriching by




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Photographs of cactus guaranteed by simple clic.


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