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Please consult this page if you did not include/understand certain

Pivot: sharp-edged body, sometimes hooked, suitable for cactées and
produced by the oréole, resulting probably from the transformation of
stipulates. Its pulling up does not wound the plant.

Anthère: widened final part of the cheesecloth which contains

Apex: top of a body. The apex of a cactus candle ensures its growth
in length.

Apical: located at the apex.

Areola: typical formation of cactacées from which are born the
branches, silks, the pivots, the sleeping bags and the flowers.

Article: portion of body between two nodes contracting.

Bay: Fruit charnu

Biotope: tally of life naturalness of the plant.

Calcicole: says itself of a plant adapted on the ground limestone.

Calcifuge: in opposition to calcicole.

Collet: zone of a plant located between the system racinaire and the
principal stem.

Sleep: thickness of ground isolated from the ground on which one
cultivates plants.

Cristé: malformation in form of Crete.

Dichotomic: symmetrical division of the bud in two parts.

Spine: sharp-edged body, extended to the base, of épidermique
origin: although established superficially, its pulling up is
difficult and causes a wound.

Épiphyte: plant which lives on another plant, the latter being used
to him only as support

Cheesecloth: male body of the flower. At cactées, the flowers
contain many cheesecloths. Those are made up of a long net and a

Melts: says itself of a manure which breaks up slowly in the ground.

Glabre: deprived of hairs.

Nipple: body in the shape of udder which carries at its top the

Node: insertion point of a sheet, a branch or an article.

Pistil: body female placed at the center of the flower, composed by
the ovary at base, of the style and the marks at its end.

Rejection: branch incipient starting from a stem, collet or of a

Mark: glandular end of the pistil. It is on the mark that pollen at
the time of the fecundation of the flower settles.

Succulent: charnu and juicy, full of water.

Fabrics: together of close cells having the same function.

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